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Jenkins and Walker Energy Partners, LLC (JWEP) is a full service land brokerage based in Oklahoma City, OK, founded on trust, quality and practical processes. JWEP is formed by industry veteran, Mr. Brandon Jenkins, CPL, who has over 18 years of field land experience and access to the most experienced contractors in the lower 48. Brandon started his career with Reagan Resources, Inc., in 2005, and played an integral part of the growth and management of Reagan Resources up until June of 2020. Brandon gained vast experience in every aspect of land services through their hard work and dedication to Reagan Resources and its clients for the first 15 years of their careers. Most recently, Brandon served as President President of Reagan Resources, Inc., from January 2016 to June 2020, with Reagan Resources, Inc., having garnered a reputation of being one of Oklahoma's oldest and most trusted land brokers. In 2020, the oil and gas industry saw one, if not the worst downturn in its history, and as a result, the founder of Reagan Resources decided to close the doors and fully retire. At which point, Brandon made the decision to form Jenkins & Walker Energy Partners, LLC, in an effort to continue servicing our clients and provide jobs for a small team of people we formed lifelong friendships with while working together at Reagan Resources.


Brandon is active members of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) and Oklahoma City Association of Professional Landmen (OCAPL) and have achieved the classification of being Certified Professional Landmen. Brandon also serves as the Chairman of the OCAPL Sporting Clays Committee.

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Brandon Jenkins

CPL - President


Carbon Based Energy Versus Renewable Energy

We have always supported and believed in the United States being the leader in all forms of energy production, whether that be derived from oil and gas or the renewable sector. However, it is our opinion that the current technology in the renewable sector only provides a supplemental source, and it does not have the capacity to provide the necessary energy for the United States and its citizens.